Queensland Government to provide funding for $15m LAVO hydrogen fuel cell production facility
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Queensland Government to provide funding for $15m LAVO hydrogen fuel cell production facility

The Queensland Government, Australia, has unveiled today (Nov 24) the ‘Invest in Queensland’ programme that will support the establishment of a hydrogen fuel cell production facility in Springfield being developed by LAVO and Nedstack.

With an investment of $15m, the facility will enable the development of hydrogen fuel cells systems within the region and provide a boost to the hydrogen economy in Australia.

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Set to be manufactured at the facility, the LAVO HESS (hydrogen energy storage system) is an integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that can be combined with rooftop solar to store 40kWh of electricity which is accounts for a typical household for two days.

This is a crucial development by providing off-grid renewable electricity for domestic households granting another avenue for hydrogen’s introduction into our daily lives.

Cameron Dick, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment at Queensland, said, “The fuel cells will be used in the world’s first hydrogen energy storage system for homes and businesses, developed in Australia by LAVO and the University of New South Wales.

“LAVO’s hydrogen technology has generated considerable customer interest here in Australia and overseas, and this new facility will allow the company to export Queensland-made products to the world.”

Mick de Brenni, Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen for Queensland, said, With groundbreaking projects like this and the recent announcement by Fortescue Future Industries to establish one of the world’s largest hydrogen equipment manufacturing facilities in Gladstone, Queensland is on track to become a global hydrogen superpower.”

Alan Yu, CEO and Executive Director of LAVO, Welcomed the funding announcement with it set to support the company in becoming a key player in the hydrogen market.

Yu said, “Through our research and development, we are taking existing fuel cell technology and introducing integrated solutions to make hydrogen possible for everyday use and for a much wider audience.

“We will be working to maximise the use of local suppliers in the manufacturing process and will be supplying both domestic and international markets across the residential, off-grid, telecommunications and commercial sectors.

“The Queensland Government’s strong commitment to the development of the hydrogen industry really attracted us here.

“Support we’ve received from Springfield City Group was also a key factor to locate our manufacturing facility to Queensland.”

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