RMA Pipeline Equipment reveals details on its hydrogen operations

RMA Pipeline Equipment reveals details on its hydrogen operations

RMA Pipeline Equipment has revealed several details about its hydrogen test bench facility that is being built in cooperation with the German Government (GWS) and for the German national TransHyDE project.

This is part of a strong push and directive towards the use of hydrogen in all sectors of the energy system in Germany.

RMA will be responsible for the projects “safe infrastructure” running for four years and will additionally operate as the project coordinator.

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Within the TransHyDE project, valves, equipment, materials and sensors will be tested that are required for the safe transport of hydrogen in existing gas or new hydrogen pipelines that will be built.

The aim of this is to gain knowledge about the metrological behaviour of different meter types in hydrogen under operating conditions.

These findings will allow the set of rules for flow measurement in hydrogen networks to be expanded in order to ensure that the requirements of calibration law are also met and consumer protection is guaranteed.

As the largest single application point within this project, RMA will build a large hydrogen test facility in Rheinau, Germany.

Together with the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), hydrogen standards will be developed to serve as reference for measuring systems to calibrate hydrogen measuring devices.

Working together with the SGS TÜV Saar, some equipment has already been tested and approved for 100% hydrogen use.

This includes house connections both rigid and flexible, steel ball valve type HKSF-W (PMSS), steel ball valve type HKSF (soft sealing), PE ball valve, insulating couplings type IK/IKL/ET, rotary gate valves and gate valves.

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