Royal IHC develops hydrogen-powered vessel that emits only water vapour

Royal IHC develops hydrogen-powered vessel that emits only water vapour

Bureau Veritas has provided the Royal IHC with an approval in principle (AiP) for the design of a hydrogen-fuelled trailing hopper dredger (TSHD).

In collaboration with the Dutch company Rijkswaterstaat, the project is looking to develop a new type of vessel that runs as on a low energy adaptive fuel (LEAF) hopper.

The LEAF hopper will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as harmful exhaust gas emissions in close proximity to the coast and coastal cities.

When operating on hydrogen the vessel emits only water vapour.

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It is expected that the new design will greatly support the maritime industry in its decarbonisation projects, showcasing a new green way in which ships can be operated and powered.

Rijkswaterstaat hopes to be CO2 neutral by 2030 and therefore needed to come up with cost-effective solutions for its coastal protection projects that could significantly reduce CO2 from 2024.

In supporting Royal IHC with this particular project, Rijkswaterstaat sees the hydrogen-powered TSHD as a means of maintaining the Dutch coastline whilst reducing CO2 emissions.

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The AiP means that the proposed design put forward to Bureau Veritas has initially been approved with the features, design and specifications for the vessel all appropriate in the early stage and, crucially, that the hydrogen system has been integrated safely.

The reception of the AiP gives Royal IHC and Rijkswaterstaat the confidence to continue on the path towards zero emissions and further develop the LEAF hopper as a solution for CO2 neutral coastal protection works.

The exploration phase of the project began back in 2019 where an aim of developing the vessel ready for operation by 2024 was targeted.

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