Run on Less Regional starts today

Run on Less Regional starts today

Run on Less Regional (ROLR), a fuel economy demonstration for trucks with focuses on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, returns to North America today and will run until 27th October (2019).

The cross-country roadshow, a joint effort between the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Rocky Mountain Institute, will highlight a variety of commercially available freight efficiency technologies

ROLR will follow ten fleets and specific drivers over the three-week period, operating in a variety of regional haul applications in different geographic and climate areas.

The fleet featured at this year’s event are: C&S Wholesale Grocers, Hirschbach, Hogan Transportation, J.B Hunt, Meijer, PepsiCo, Ploger Transportation, Schneider, Southeastern Freight Lines, and UPS.

The ROLR will also see the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), a non-profit organisation which assists truck fleets lower fuel use and emissions, host a webinar under the title: Is hydrogen a viable truck fuel?

H2 View spoke to Rick Mihelic, Director of Future Technology Studies at NACFE, ahead of the event to discuss the organisation’s involvements within ROLR.

“We are holding three webinars during the Run On Less Regional event to focus on innovative future technologies including hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, commercial battery electric vehicles and trends in connectivity,” said Mihelic.

NACFE’s first webinar titled ‘Is hydrogen a viable truck fuel?’ is sponsored by Shell and will take place at 2pm (ET) on 8th October, coinciding with National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day.

The panel for the webinar includes Bill Cherry from Nikola Corporation, Michael Peters from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Alan Mace from Ballard and Mathew Blieske from Shell

The hydrogen themed webinar will see Mike Roeth, NACFE’s Director moderate the panel, asking questions such as: why is a fuel cell truck needed? When will fuel cell trucks be in production and available to purchase? And, what’s different about hydrogen infrastructure and electric infrastructure?

Commenting on what he hopes participants will take away from the webinar, Mihelic said, “NACFE’s mission is to provide unbiased information on key technologies that can help improve the efficiency of North American goods movement.”

“Improving efficiency also benefits the environment. We hope participants get real world insights and improved perspectives on the potential for hydrogen fuel cells to be used for hauling freight.”

The three-week event will culminate in a press event at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta on 27th October.

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