Salt cavern hydrogen storage could be coming to the UK
Salt cavern hydrogen storage could be coming to the UK

Salt cavern hydrogen storage could be coming to the UK

An Agreement to Lease (A2L) between UK Oil & Gas PLC’s subsidiary, UK Energy Storage LTD (UKEn) and Portland Port Limited (PPL), could see 1.2 billion m3 of underground salt caverns utilised for hydrogen storage.

Announced today (May 30), the UKEn plans hope to develop an integration Energy-Hub, centred around hydrogen-ready gas storage and future hydrogen production capability, at two sites at the former Royal Navy port in Dorset, UK.

The planned Energy-Hub development seeks to reinvigorate and expand a previous project by Portland Gas Storage Ltd, to situate approximately 1.2 billion m3 of underground salt cavern storage beneath PPL’s land.

It is hoped the salt cavern storage would be linked to a national pipeline system, via a new hydrogen-ready pipeline, with a capacity of 28 million m3 per day.

H2 View understands, pilot scale green hydrogen production and storage with hydrogen battery concepts will be investigated with the advice of Xodus Group.

Stephen Sanderson, Chief Executive of UK Oil & Gas, said, “It’s hard to recall a time in recent history in which the critical importance of energy security and the resilience of the UK energy system has been so much in the public and governmental eye.

“UKOG is therefore delighted to announce the intention to develop an infrastructure project, fully in keeping with the government’s new British Energy Security and Hydrogen Strategies and National Grid’s 2021 Future Energy Scenarios (“FES”), that could both materially strengthen the UK energy system’s resilience to supply and demand shocks, plus provide the foundations for a potentially significant and strategic element of the future green hydrogen economy.”


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