San Juan College launches new certification with emphasis on hydrogen fuel cell technology in the automotive industry

San Juan College launches new certification with emphasis on hydrogen fuel cell technology in the automotive industry

A new certification programme has been approved by the San Juan College Board of Trustees that will provide knowledge on hydrogen fuel cell technology as the popularity of the technology continues to surge.

The newest credential offered by the College ensures that green technology is being explored and that it is also supporting the energy transition by providing skill qualifications to support the growing ecosystem.

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The certification primarily focuses on hydrogen fuel cell technology’s implementation within the automotive industry and thus also explores other alternative power sources such as battery.

With the new certification, it could be perceived that this reflects the growing demand for skilled work force within the automotive industry with fuel cells symbolised as a key technology moving into the green future.

Dr. Ruben Johnson, dean of Trades and Technology at San Juan College, said, “As one of the leading colleges in the automotive service industry, we are proud to be one of the first colleges to embark upon this type of training program.

“In the future, all automotive manufacturers will need to have trained certified electric vehicle (EV) technicians to work at their local dealerships and/or manufacturing facilities.

“It is critical that San Juan College establish this advanced EV technician certificate to put us ahead of the demand.

“Our immediate goal is to work with our automotive partners (General Motors, Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler) to begin providing training to their current and future technicians in this new cutting-edge technology.”


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