Siemens, IRENA sign partnership to advance the energy transition with hydrogen

Siemens, IRENA sign partnership to advance the energy transition with hydrogen

Siemens Energy has signed a sustainable energy partnership agreement with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to advance the global energy transition with hydrogen included.

Under the agreement, the two organisations will cooperate, facilitate and strengthen collaboration in areas to advance the global energy transition based on renewable energy.

The wide-ranging scope of the collaboration extends to a variety of opportunities including roadmap development prioritising communities and regions presently lacking access to modern energy.

As well as this, developing a business case for green hydrogen fuel as a major contributor for the energy transition and jointly supporting decarbonisation effort as for heat generation and industrial processes are key parts of the agreement.

This includes hard to abate industries such as cement, steel and petrochemicals whilst also facilitating private sector investment in the renewable energy sector.

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Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy, said, “This partnership leverages and amplifies both of our organisation’s strengths to accelerate the energy transition.

“Action to tackle climate change is a global imperative and our best chance of success is through strong partnerships with dedicated organisations.

“We believe that innovative technologies are the key to combating climate change. The energy transition is a considerable challenge which requires great change but offers significant potential.”

Francesco La Camera, Director-General of IRENA, said, “Partnerships are the cornerstone of global efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals and key to the rapid acceleration of the global energy transition.

“This public-private initiative is representative of a shared a vision for a low-carbon energy future and of a joint commitment to meaningful action.”

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Sustainability, innovation and transformation are three words that sum up Siemens Energy in a nutshell. More than just an energy technology company, Siemens Energy is committed to making sustainable, reliable and affordable energy possible, through its global team of more than 91,000 employees across 90 countries.

On its quest to reshape the energy of tomorrow, and with a 150-year legacy rich in innovation, the Hydrogen Council member is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Spun off from parent global technology giant Siemens in September 2020 – in what was Germany’s largest ever spin off, Siemens Energy strives for sustainability in its decarbonisation journey, innovation centred on future technologies, and transformation among its future focused offerings, portfolio and mindset.

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