Simark Controls receives order from Okanagan Aggregates

Simark Controls Ltd., a subsidiary of SFC Energy, has received an order from Okanagan Aggregates for its EFOY hybrid power solutions.

The solutions will be used to provide clean, reliable power for LED lighting at roadside brake check and chain off areas along the Trans-Canada Highway in Canada’s Yoho National Park.

EFOY hybrid power solutions, which consist of SFC Energy’s EFOY pro fuel cells in combination with solar modules, are designed to provide autonomous, suitable, reliable and maintenance-free off-grid power.

“Our eco-friendly hybrid power systems offer superior fuel autonomy, reliability, major life cycle cost savings and substantial emission reduction,” said Martin Curtis, Managing Director of Simark Controls and President of Oil & Gas at SFC Energy.

“Our hybrid fuel cell/solar panel system aligns perfectly with organisations seeking sustainable energy.”

If used in bad weather, preventing the solar array from delivering sufficient power to maintain the batteries, the EFOY pro fuel cell senses the voltage drop and automatically switches on to replace the solar gap.

The Yoho National Park application features a 500 W EFOY ProCabinet hybrid power solution. The weatherproof cabinet integrates a 500 W EFOY Pro fuel cell, 120 VAC sine wave inverter and 48 to 24 V DC/DC convertor, in hybrid operation with solar modules, to power 12 Autobhn Series LED lighting arrays, washroom lighting, and a small weather station at each of the roadside areas.

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