SKYRE: Hydrogen is becoming ubiquitous

SKYRE: Hydrogen is becoming ubiquitous

Founded in 2007 by Dr. Trent Molter, SKYRE, Inc. has developed a hydrogen recycling system intended to catalyse change in global energy usage.

Hydrogen is used as a process atmosphere in many industries, most notably metal treating, powder metallurgy, glassmaking, and semiconductor manufacturing.
It is typically vented during these processes in the same stream as other waste
gas components.

To date, the waste hydrogen gas has typically not been recovered for reuse. This is especially true in smaller scale applications, because there was no economical means by which to scrub the gas stream of accumulated impurities, or to compress it in a way that it could be efficiently stored for later use.

Hydrogen consumers have traditionally had two solutions to the problem of waste hydrogen: purchase more hydrogen from industrial gas suppliers or generate hydrogen on-site using an electrolyser or a reformer.


The SKYRE solution to hydrogen supply lies within its revolutionary H2RENEWTM technology, capable of recycling and generating high purity (99.999+%), high pressure hydrogen using a solid-state process. Dr. Trent Molter, President and CEO of SKYRE, tells
us more about this below, as well as highlighting that the use of hydrogen is
becoming “ubiquitous”.

Q. Can you give us a brief overview of SKYRE and its activities related to hydrogen?

SKYRE uses a proven and patented Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation and Compression (EHSC) technology to capture, separate and recycle hydrogen. This technology is deployed in our H2RENEWTM product family.

The H2RENEW is capable of recycling and generating high-purity (99.999+%), high-pressure hydrogen using a solid-state process.

Hydrogen normally exhausted and/or flared from an industrial process is captured, purified, compressed, and stored for later use. As a result, up to 98% of process hydrogen can be recycled onsite, greatly reducing the amount of purchased hydrogen and handling costs and risks.

In addition to hydrogen purification, the H2RENEW is currently capable of fulfilling compression requirements by delivering pure compressed hydrogen at pressures >3,000 psi, with a pathway to higher-pressure operation.

Q. What do you think the biggest misconception is around hydrogen right now?

There was a time when you mentioned hydrogen, people responded with “Hindenburg”. It was thought to be too dangerous.

More recently, we had a venture capitalist tell us he had heard that hydrogen was “nowhere” — recollecting the hype surrounding hydrogen around the turn of this century and sudden correction shortly thereafter. We know that the opposite is true. In terms of its use, hydrogen utilisation for industrial and energy use is becoming ubiquitous. The world has become more informed about it and these old, lingering perceptions are diminishing.

“The world is waking up to the significance of climate change and the role of energy in enabling a good quality of life”

Q. What hydrogen-related innovation, application or technology makes you most excited for the future?

Traditionally, hydrogen has been used for industrial applications. SKYRE’s H2RENEW products have been in operation at industrial metals companies and for other process environments.

We are now being asked to extend our technology to mobility and energy markets where we can clean up hydrogen and pressurise it for fuel cell vehicles or energy storage. In the aggregate, these fuel and energy markets represent multiple trillions
of dollars.

Not only is the need important from an economic perspective but importantly, from an environmental/sustainability perspective. We are now in a position to do good and do well as a company and as a society. It is a very exciting time to be in the business of hydrogen.

Q. Have you noticed any trends in the way hydrogen energy is being used in the US?

Hydrogen continues to make significant inroads into alternative fuel vehicles that target reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, there is a growing requirement for hydrogen to be purified and compressed for 750 bar fuel cell vehicle (FCV) refuelling.

Current commercial hydrogen compressors are not adequate to meet projected infrastructure demands. SKYRE is currently part of the H2 REFUEL Accelerator Program sponsored by Toyota, Shell and the NY State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

This program is designed to identify solutions to increase the adoption of hydrogen infrastructure and supply chain technologies and accelerate the commercialisation of promising clean energy technology.

The world is waking up to the significance of climate change and the role of energy in enabling a good quality of life. This type of program represents a growing commitment of global companies and governments to manage intensifying global environmental concerns, while facilitating a low-carbon economy.

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