Slovenia gains its ‘first’ hydrogen refuelling station through Haskel and ECUBES
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Slovenia gains its ‘first’ hydrogen refuelling station through Haskel and ECUBES

Slovenia has gained its “first” hydrogen refuelling station as part of a new agreement between Haskel Hydrogen Systems and ECUBES Technologies.

The refuelling station has been developed in the North Adriatic region which will aid in the establishment of a European cross-border Hydrogen Valley.

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In establishing this here, the cross-border hydrogen capabilities of Slovenia and Croatia have been strengthened whilst also bolstering cooperation between the two nations.

The fuelling station project is a first deployment of Zero Emission Mobility Corridor project developed by ECUBES.

The station is said to be the first step towards development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure allowing further fuel cell vehicles to be established in the region to decarbonise the transportation sector.

It is intended that the hydrogen will be sourced from excessive industrial heat on site, resulting in green hydrogen being used to fuel the vehicles.

Aleksander Gerbec, CEO of ECUBES, said, “The North Adriatic Cross-Border Hydrogen Valley will bring together stakeholders from across the region has immense potential for provision of clean energy of the future and attainment of environment targets, and allows building a competitive and innovative North Adriatic region with several new highly specialised jobs of the future.

“Easy scalable solution like NANO, in a combination with proprietary energy storage solution – Inorganic Liquid Hydrogen Carrier technology H2GENIUM, enables safe and efficient response to the growing demand for Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.”

Stephen Learney, Vice President and General Manager of Haskel, said, “The Nano station installed on site at SALONIT ANHOVO is perfect for this type of application and is designed to be easily scaled as the project develops and demand for hydrogen refuelling increases.

“Refuelling capability is an important part of developing the infrastructure needed to support the creation of the North Adriatic Cross-Border Hydrogen Valley and rapid implementation will be beneficial to the entire region, attracting investment and creating jobs. Haskel is pleased to be involved in this project.”

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