Smoltek developing unique, high-performance nanofiber-based cell materials for electrolysers

Smoltek developing unique, high-performance nanofiber-based cell materials for electrolysers

Smoltek Nanotech is supporting the development of a unique and high-performance nanofiber-based cell material for electrolysers through its Smoltek Innovation’s branch.

To support the progression and development of this new technology for the hydrogen ecosystem, Smoltek is now in discussions with major manufacturers as a means to continue its strong momentum.

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Smolktek is continuing its work on a pre-study for the technology in collaboration with several European research groups to develop a technical proof-of-concept for the cell material for electrolysers.

The scope of this study has also been expanded to also evaluate critical technical parameters and to access the possible production cost.

Current technical and performance results obtained are said to be positive.

As well as this, the group is also working on a complete concept for large-scale [production of the company’s cell material to help support the hydrogen economy.

It is hoped by starting the industrialisation process early, the group can obtain valuable information regarding technical parameters for production to support the technical development.

Ellinor Ehrnberg, President of Smoltek Innovation AB, said, “We are noticing a strong interest in our unique cell material from global manufacturers as well as relevant researchers, which is positive for our opportunities to build a well-functioning ecosystem around the concept.

“To maintain a strong momentum, we are now working to establish a collaboration for the development with a major international manufacturer, as well as to strengthen the Smoltek Innovation team, both within the company and through consultants and external researchers.”

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