South African Government throws weight behind Sasol green hydrogen project

South African Government throws weight behind Sasol green hydrogen project

South African Minister Mondli Gungubele has revealed today (Jan 14) that he will join a delegation with Sasol, Infrastructure South Africa and the Northern Cape Provincial Government in Port Nolloth to show support for hydrogen.

With the South African Government sharing its support for hydrogen it is clear that green hydrogen projects will continually be supported in the region with the nation looking to become a hydrogen powerhouse with export and production potential.

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Sasol leads South African hydrogen hub project

In fact, hydrogen had previously been declared at Sustainable Infrastructure Development Symposium South Africa (SIDSSA) in 2021 that hydrogen was a “Big Frontier” presenting key economic and energy growth for South Africa.

Through coordination in the Presidency; Sasol, the Northern Cape Provincial Government (NCPG) and the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) had launched several agreements at the SIDSSA 2021 which underpin their green hydrogen ambitions.

This includes a memorandum of agreement between the NCPG and Sasol, for Sasol to be the anchor developer of the planned Boegoebaai Green hydrogen Special Economic Zone pending a detailed feasibility study.


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