South Korean hydrogen council launches
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South Korean hydrogen council launches

The South Korean Hydrogen Council has been established today (Sept 8) with the group looking to develop the hydrogen value chain and support its growth.

This is according to Yonhap News Agency which report that a total of 15 Korea-based companies have founded the council to achieve this exact aim.

The group will expand the hydrogen value chain by focusing on hydrogen production, transport, storage and its uses.

Among those included as the founding members is Hyundai Motor, SK, POSCO, Lotte and Hanwha.

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The council has been founded on the sidelines of the Hydrogen Mobility+Energy Show which brought together major players from South Korea to discuss the hydrogen ecosystem and how it can be developed.

With the foundation of this hydrogen council, it is expected that the groups will have a hand in supporting policy decision makers in expanding the hydrogen value chain in Asia.

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