Spain’s first hydrogen station commissioned

Spain’s first hydrogen station commissioned

Spain’s first hydrogen station and first fleet of hydrogen fuel cell cars will be located in Madrid.

Enagás, with its subsidiary Enagás Emprende, Toyota España and Urbaser signed an agreement back in June to carry out the pioneering project that will involve the installation of the station and commissioning of the 12 Toyota Mirais.

The companies involved said they are committed to sustainable mobility and committed to new sustainable transport alternatives to improve air quality.

The hydrogen station will be located in the San Antonio S.L service station Avenida de Manoteras 34, Madrid, and will serve the companies taking part in the project.

Toyota España’s CEO Miguel Carsi said, “Toyota is a brand committed to the environment and the decarbonisation of transport.

“In this objective, hydrogen plays a fundamental role in sustainable mobility due to its zero-carbon footprint.”

“It is an inexhaustible resource, it can be produced in a sustainable way and easily transported.”

Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás, added, “Thanks to various projects, the company is a driving force in developing non-electric renewable energies, such as hydrogen and biomethane, as new solutions in the ecological transition process and in promoting a circular economy.”

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