SunHydrogen scaling its nanoparticle hydrogen production technology

SunHydrogen scaling its nanoparticle hydrogen production technology

SunHydrogen has provided an update on the progress for the scale-up of its nanoparticle hydrogen generation technology today (June 1).

SunHydrogen, in cooperation with Schmid Group and InRedox, is developing its technology, that is able to produce hydrogen using sunlight and water, to commercial scale.

Within this cooperation, Schmid is developing the process and equipment for manufacturing while InRedox is focused on the electrochemical process of creating nonporous templates on transparent substrates for growing nanoparticles.

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Despite foreseen challenges in the supply chain for necessary materials and equipment, the company has managed to report positive progress in testing and confirming the scalable potential of the transparent substrates, a critical component for fabricating nanoparticle hydrogen generators.

The company is further moving toward testing the growth of nanoparticles on the down-selected substrates at scales relevant for mass manufacturing.

In addition to this, SunHydrogen has said it is making good progress in the acquisition of the equipment and chemicals for fabrication, testing and validation of large-scale devices.

The devices will consist of arrays of billions of nanoparticle-based hydrogen generators, each able to split water molecules into both hydrogen and oxygen.

Tim Young, CEO of SunHydrogen, said, “InRedox and Schmid have been dedicated in providing the necessary input and support for the development process.

“They have pushed the project hard even with the challenges in supply chains due to persisting pandemic.

“With the team in Germany now in place, and the necessary equipment now able to be obtained, we expect to see more rapid progress very soon.”

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