SWECO to provide concept design and environmental report for Polish waste-to-hydrogen project

SWECO to provide concept design and environmental report for Polish waste-to-hydrogen project

SWECO has been appointed to prepare a conceptual design and environmental impact assessment report for a waste-to-hydrogen project in Konin, Poland.

The waste-to-hydrogen project will utilise Powerhouse Energy Group’s DMG® technology which converts waste plastic into syngas and/or hydrogen, will soon be running in Poland.

The estimated cost of the concept design and EIA report is estimated to be around £100,000 ($141,000).

SWECO is active in consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture and also has a focus on designing sustainable cities, industries and community infrastructure.

It has recognised the importance of Powerhouse’s technology and its ability to help accelerate the world’s clean energy transition.

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Dariusz Czerniak, SWECO, Director, Energy Department said, “It is our privilege to work closely with Hydrogen Utopia International on the PHE DMG® system, as it is a novel, 4.0 technology.

We believe that the DMG® solution can tackle the global growing plastic waste problem. The DMG® system will also enhance the transition of the hydrogen economy and we are proud to be a part of this exciting future for Poland.”

Aleksandra Binkowska, CEO of Hydrogen Utopia International said, “The DMG® system is a global revolution and it is reassuring to have SWECO on my side to build the first one in Poland.

“I am sure that this is just the beginning of a long-standing and prosperous alliance between the two Companies. The ultimate goal is to build at least ten systems in Konin in order to create the first Polish Centre of Hydrogen.

“It was my vision, and it is a privilege to turn this vision into reality together with SWECO.”

Ways2H, the hydrogen economy and working in a male dominated industry… CTO Angelica Gyllén reveals all

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In the current hydrogen climate, waste-to-hydrogen technology is revolutionising not only the production of hydrogen but also reducing pollution around the world. By extracting various waste products, such as plastics, sewage and municipal solid waste, polluters in contemporary society now have a new purpose.

One such company that is transforming this innovate waste-to-hydrogen market is Ways2H, a Californian company with ongoing projects and developments across the world. Most recently, in March, Ways2H contributed to a new sewage-to-hydrogen plant that was built in collaboration with Japan Blue Energy Co. at the Sunamachi Water Reclamation Centre in Tokyo.

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