Switzerland: 2.5MW hydrogen production plant under construction; refuelling network set to benefit
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Switzerland: 2.5MW hydrogen production plant under construction; refuelling network set to benefit

Renewable energy company Axpo is developing a 2.5MW hydrogen production facility at the Eglisau-Glattfelden hydropower plant in Switzerland – and it’s thought to be the first of several.

Scheduled to go onstream in autumn 2022, the hydrogen production plant will produce 350 tonnes of green hydrogen annually from the river Rhine – enough to save 1.5 million litres of diesel a year.

In a statement released on Thursday (15th April), Axpo said hydrogen produced at the site will be delivered directly to a network of hydrogen refuelling stations, something that the company will carry out in collaboration with Hydrospider AG.

Together, the two companies will expand Switzerland’s current network of hydrogen refuelling stations from its current six to approximately 50, meeting the growing demand of fuel cell electric vehicles. This will be carried out within the next two years.

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With more than 50 fuel cell powered trucks on Swiss roads today, and increasing demand for zero-emission transport, Hydrospider expects figures to grow to more than 1,600 by 2026.

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Guy Bühler, Head of Hydrogen at Axpo, said, “The fight against climate change has become significantly more important, hydrogen has proven to be a suitable energy source for decarbonisation in the mobility and industry sectors.”

Apxo hopes to take a leading role in the transition to CO2-free energy supply and is aiming to develop projects with a combined capacity of 5MW by 2022.

Interested in finding out more about Axpo’s hydrogen developments?

Swiss energy group Axpo has established a hydrogen business unit as the company looks to drive forward activities in this “promising” business field.

Hydrogen generated from renewable sources can significantly reduce CO2 emissions from industry and transport and energy carrier hydrogen will play an important role in the renewable energy world, Axpo said in a statement.

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