Tasmanian renewable energy plan pioneers hydrogen

Tasmanian renewable energy plan pioneers hydrogen

In order to rebuild a “stronger Tasmania”, the Tasmanian Liberal Government has released The Draft Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan 2020, with hydrogen set to play a key role.

Released yesterday, the draft renewable energy plan outlines the state’s vision and suite of actions to develop renewable energy generation in Tasmania over the coming 20 years.

“The global supply and use of energy is dramatically shifting as countries are looking to use cleaner, renewable forms of energy in order to decarbonise their economies,” the plan explains.

“The use of hydrogen, produced from renewable energy, is emerging as a means of achieving these goals.”

“Tasmania is in a unique position where a large-scale renewable hydrogen production and distribution industry could be developed now using competitively priced existing and new renewables.”

The Renewable Energy Action Plan references the Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan which was released late last year and highlighted the state’s high hydrogen potential.

Key hydrogen-based goals that are outlined in the report include:

By 2022 to 2024:

  • Tasmania has commenced production of renewable hydrogen.
  • Locally produced renewable hydrogen is being used in Tasmania.
  • Export based renewable hydrogen production projects are well advanced.

By 2025 to 2027:

  • Tasmania has commenced export of renewable hydrogen.

From 2030:

  • Tasmania is a significant global producer and exporter of renewable
  • Locally produced hydrogen is a significant form of energy used in Tasmania.

In order to achieve these goals, the Tasmanian Government is delivering $50 million over 10 years for a comprehensive package of renewable hydrogen support measures that include:

  • $20 million Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Fund.
  • $20 million in concessional loans.
  • $10 million worth of support services including competitive electricity supply arrangements and payroll tax relief.
  • Assistance for developing offtakes for hydrogen end-use and facilitating land and infrastructure access.

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