Tata Steel chooses hydrogen to produce steel in the Netherlands
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Tata Steel chooses hydrogen to produce steel in the Netherlands

Tata Steel today (Sep 15) said it will introduce direct reduced iron (DRI) technology which can make iron using hydrogen, before it is converted to steel, in one or more electric furnaces in the Netherlands.

This is part of the steel manufacturer’s plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by five million tonnes a year by 2030 in Ijmuiden.

In pursuing the hydrogen route, Tata Steel will undertake a detailed assessment, the company said.

“By choosing hydrogen as the technology to produce steel in the Netherlands, we want to take an important strategic step in making our steel production more sustainable,” said T.V. Narendran, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Steel.

“We fully support the steps to be taken by the management in IJmuiden. The decarbonisation pathway in IJmuiden will also help us chart the future transition roadmap of Tata Steel’s other integrated steelmaking sites.”

Highlighting the importance of steel, Hans van den Berg, Chairman of Tata Steel Netherlands’ Board of Management, said the only way to maintain the sector is to produce steel in a “responsive and sustainable way”.

“We can only achieve this by a radical transition to hydrogen and using innovative new technologies,” van den Berg continued.

“In the next eight years IJmuiden will change into a manufacturing site with fewer chimneys.

“As a result of our choice for hydrogen we will work closely together with local and national authorities and our direct neighbours to become a green steel manufacturer in a clean environment.”

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