T&E says EU needs to ‘wake up’ in new letter to the Commission that calls for the urgent roll-out of hydrogen stations for HGVs in Europe
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T&E says EU needs to ‘wake up’ in new letter to the Commission that calls for the urgent roll-out of hydrogen stations for HGVs in Europe

The European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) and Transport & Environment (T&E) have called on the European Commission to urgently roll out the necessary hydrogen refuelling infrastructure suitable for zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles in Europe.

In a letter addressed to EU politicians including Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, and Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, ACEA and T&E say they believe that 300 stations, capable of storing six tonnes of hydrogen, should be open by 2025, with this number to increasing to 1,000 – one every 200km – by 2030.

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The letter states that “new powertrain technologies will fast become the backbone of road transport, with battery-electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles being the key zero-emission technologies for heavy-duty trucking”.

Despite this, a greater push to build a hydrogen infrastructure is needed to support existing businesses currently transitioning to hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in addition to tempting new companies to follow suit.

Hydrogen-powered trucks require specific charging and refuelling infrastructure because of the high power and energy demand, as well as space, parking and access requirements.

A hydrogen infrastructure should ensure that charging and refuelling is possible at truck depots, at logistics hubs (when loading and unloading) and at public sites in urban areas and along highway corridors.

William Todts, Executive Director at T&E, said, “The transition to zero emission trucks is happening and it is time for the European Commission to wake up.

“We need to build 10,000 truck charging points in the next four years, in truck depots, logistics hub and along every main highway in Europe.”

The letter also puts pressure on the EU to “provide an effective financial framework to accelerate the infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles and add meaningful incentives to support investments in public and private stations for trucks and coaches”.

The letter states that the European Commission must address these specific needs in the upcoming AFID review later this year.

Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler Truck, said, “Our customers will not invest in these vehicles unless they can charge and refuel them easily as they deliver goods from one country to another.

“The upcoming AFID review is a golden opportunity to make sure that infrastructure roll-out and the deployment of zero emission vehicles go hand-in-hand.”

You can read the full letter here.

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