The 24-hour hydrogen rally race commences in Stuttgart ahead of f-cell 2021
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The 24-hour hydrogen rally race commences in Stuttgart ahead of f-cell 2021

H2 View was on the ground in Stuttgart, Germany today (Sept 13), as the hydrogen-powered 24-hour rally commenced outside the Mercedes-Benz Arena, as part of f-cell Stuttgart.

Under the immense sun, team members prepared for a 24-hour rally challenge in which the participants will gain points for the kilometers driven, visiting and using hydrogen refuelling stations, and crossing state and national borders.

To increase the weight of competition for the rally, teams must return to Stuttgart between 15:45pm and 16:00pm on Sept 14 or otherwise face a 100-point penalty for each minute the teams are over.

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As teams prepared to embark on the hydrogen-powered rally, H2 View spoke with last year’s (2020) winners, Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers’ Hans, to find out more about the competition and his thoughts on hydrogen mobility’s future.

“We are proud to promote hydrogen and we see that hydrogen is ready to go on the roads,” Hans said.

“We try to use this event as a platform to promote the whole hydrogen energy for both industry and mobility.”

Hans also hopes that in the future, hydrogen would have a suitable infrastructure to support the backbone of hydrogen mobility. “I personally hope that we will have windmills that produce hydrogen from the sea where it’s really, really windy.

“They produce hydrogen through electrolysis, and we transport this hydrogen to everywhere. So we have a hydrogen infrastructure. The cars with hydrogen are just one minor part of the whole really sustainable electrical network and the energy network.”

Understanding the major movements needed to enable the wider adoption of hydrogen, Hans highlighted the need for partnerships and collaborations to support this clean technology – represented by the teams’ unique hats.

Hans told H2 View, “The hats get us into the community that we are here in the car and the point is that we want to win.

“All of them [the rally drivers] are already winners because they already ride on hydrogen. So that’s why it’s a good community. We develop hydrogen for a very long time, we know it’s this sustainable way of having renewable energy.”

With the winners of 2020’s hydrogen rally race understanding the importance of a “community” feeling needed to win the race, it highlights the great importance needed for further partnerships to widely adopt hydrogen.

If one thing is for certain, hydrogen is ready for the roads now and this great spectacle exhibits it.

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