Tidal energy to hydrogen platform unveiled

Tidal energy to hydrogen platform unveiled

Tidal energy company HydroWing and green energy supplier Tocardo have launched Tidal Hydrogen Production, Storage and Offtake (THyPSO), a concept which creates green hydrogen from sea water in a bid to decarbonise energy systems.

THyPSO is a floating platform which houses one to six conventional bi-directional tidal turbines which convert tidal flows into electrical energy, which is then directed through an integrated hydrogen production unit converting the unlimited supply of seawater into hydrogen.

The unit has capacity to hold up to two weeks’ worth of hydrogen in pressurised hydrogen tanks, which can then be used for a wide range of applications such as maritime transport, road transport, and grid balancing.

“This project has shifted our focus to a broader and exciting market where we can make use of our tides to provide a more versatile energy mix into the local communities and beyond,” explains Richard Parkinson, Managing Director at HydroWing.

THyPSO combines the advantage of tidal and hydrogen techniques, mutually overcoming technical and financial barriers. The innovation also eliminates expensive and high-risk subsea infrastructure and creates savings on installation and decommissioning.

“The project provides a new perspective and a versatile use for tidal turbines. The project is well suited to the range of Tocardo turbines allowing us to effectively scale up as demand for green hydrogen increases into the future,” said Andries van Unen, CEO of Tocardo.

The THyPSO project will demonstrate implementation of tidal energy projects with a view to upscale and role out larger projects across Europe and the rest of the globe in years to come with the ever-growing demand for green sourced hydrogen.

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