Tlou Energy developing hydrogen strategy for Botswana and Southern Africa

Tlou Energy developing hydrogen strategy for Botswana and Southern Africa

Tlou Energy is focused on delivering a hydrogen strategy to bring renewable power to Botswana and southern Africa through the exploration and development of gas, solar and hydrogen.

The hydrogen strategy is being developed to complement the company’s gas-to-power project.

With the hydrogen economy rapidly growing, multiple business opportunities could open up in solid carbon products, oxygen, ammonia, fuel cell vehicles, agriculture and medical supplies.

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By creating a roadmap that helps develop hydrogen in these countries, both the company and nations will have access to the carbon-neutral fuel of tomorrow.

This could also support both economically with hydrogen proving to be a very lucrative market.

The Botswana based energy company is well positioned to produce hydrogen from various different methods with the company citing it has large and proven resources to develop these products.

For example, the company has access to methane for carbon and hydrogen, readily available water for hydrogen and oxygen and virtually unlimited solar power to drive the process.

A hydrogen strategy would benefit from Tlou’s extensive approvals that have been secured to date, including environmental, gas and solar generation licenses, access to land and established in-country operational expertise.

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