Toyota and Eni sign agreement to drive hydrogen station plans in Venice

Toyota and Eni sign agreement to drive hydrogen station plans in Venice

Toyota, Eni and the Municipality and the Metropolitan City of Venice have signed an agreement for the construction of a hydrogen refuelling station in the Municipality of Venice.

The agreement states that Eni, an Italian oil and gas company, will construct a hydrogen refuelling station at one of its service stations in the Venetian municipal area.

Toyota will also provide a fleet of 10 hydrogen powered Mirai cars which will be supplied to Eni’s refuelling plant.

The agreement is part of an existing collaboration between Toyota, Eni, the Municipality and Metropolitan City of Venice, which aims to promote sustainable and low-emission mobility in the Venetian region.

Toyota and Eni announce hydrogen collaboration

“Today is a very important day for the development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in Italy, and we are proud to play our part, together with Venice and with Eni, two excellent partners who share our stainability goals and ideas,” said Mauro Caruccio, Toyota Motor Italia’s CEO.

“We are convinced of hydrogen’s potential to advance decarbonisation processes in society today. It will play a leading role in the path to zero emission mobility and will complement other electrified technological solutions.”

“With Eni and Toyota, we will implement a public-private partnership to further research and innovation, which will have a tangible impact,” said Luigi Brugnaro, the Mayor of Venice.

“The agreement signed today is an important milestone for a low carbon future,” said Giuseppe Ricci, Chief Refining and Marketing Officer at Eni.

“Hydrogen is an important part of Eni’s de-carbonisation process to reduce climate-changing gas emissions. These hydrogen stations will allow Eni to strength its ability to offer low environmental impact fuels.”

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