Toyota develops specially designed fuel cell system for Energy Observer’s 2020 Tour

Toyota develops specially designed fuel cell system for Energy Observer’s 2020 Tour

Toyota has developed a specially designed fuel cell system for the world’s first energy self-sufficient seagoing vessel powered by hydrogen – Energy Observer.

Involved in the Energy Observer project from the beginning, Toyota has worked closely with Energy Observer to introduce the system for the next leg of its journey.

Toyota Technical Center Europe has specially developed this fuel cell system, using components first introduced in the Toyota Mirai, and fitted it into a compact module suitable for marine applications.

It will deliver more power and efficiency, but also high reliability to cross the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean this year.

Designed, produced and installed in seven months, followed by testing in the boat in the shipyard at the end of last year, the fuel cell module is currently undergoing final full power testing at sea before the Energy Observer sails off for its 2020 Tour from 17th February.

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Victorien Erussard, founder and Captain of Energy Observer, said, “We are very proud to embark the Toyota Fuel Cell System on our oceans passages, and test it in the roughest conditions.”

“After three years and nearly 20,000 nautical miles of development, the Energy Observer energy supply and storage system is now very reliable, and we look forward to the next step of the project: Get a reliable and affordable system available for our maritime community.”

“We believe that the Toyota Fuel Cell System is the perfect component for this, industrially produced, efficient and safe. Being an ambassador for the SDGs, our mission is to promote clean energy solutions and we share with Toyota the same vision for a hydrogen society.”

Dr. Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, added, “We are pleased to be able to further demonstrate the versatility of the Toyota Fuel Cell System.”

“Our European R&D team has worked hard with the team of the Energy Observer to create and install this module in the existing boat.”

“This project shows that the Toyota Fuel Cell technology can be used in any environment and can be spread throughout many business opportunities. It is always inspiring to work with people who aim for the same goals and this project supports even more our vision for a hydrogen society.”

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