Transform Materials converts natural gas into hydrogen

Transform Materials converts natural gas into hydrogen

Transform Materials has developed an energy-efficient process that converts the methane in natural gas into high-value hydrogen and acetylene using microwave plasma technology.

With its newly developed technology, the Florida-based company breaks down methane and other similar light hydrocarbon gases without oxygen, recombining the resulting fragments into hydrogen and acetylene.

The key to the transformation is a patented microwave plasma reactor system that generators the products from methane efficiently at high rates of conversion and selectivity.

David Soane, CEO of Transform Materials, said, “Our process is clean and cost-effective, employs robust and off-the-shelf microwave hardware, and requires a relatively compact plant footprint.”

“Also, our reactors can be multiplexed to scale up and meet incremental market demand.”

“We are especially proud of our environmental stewardship; we mop up methane and convert it into useful hydrogen fuel while simultaneously locking up carbon in valuable end products.”

“Transform Materials provides a green alternative to conventional technologies in the hydrogen economy and the petrochemical industry.”

“Our microwave plasma process harnesses the power of natural gas without burning it, a win for the environment as well as for our partners.”

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