UK Government launches new £5m scheme to support innovative waste-to-hydrogen technology

UK Government launches new £5m scheme to support innovative waste-to-hydrogen technology

The UK Government has launched a new scheme today (Jan 12) that will support innovative technologies that convert biomass and waste into hydrogen as a means to bolster the domestic hydrogen economy.

With the Government to provide £5m ($6.82m) in funding, the new programme showcases the commitment of the UK in order to accelerate the hydrogen adoption within the nation by providing an avenue to produce the clean energy carrier in large quantities.

This also reduces the amount of pollution and strain on landfill sites with, by introducing waste-to-hydrogen technologies in the future, waste could be converted into clean fuel.

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The new Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme will support the development of technologies to produce hydrogen generated via BECCS which includes bioenergy with carbon capture and storage.

The BECCS process produces hydrogen from biomass and waste, with the ability to capture and store the carbon released during the process.

Applicants from small businesses and large companies to research institutions and universities, are now able to bid for a share of £5m ($6.82m) new government funding under Phase 1 of the Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme.

Each project will be able to bid for up to £250,000 ($340,862) to help develop their project plans and demonstrate the feasibility of their proposed innovation.

Phase 1 will then be followed by a second Phase, that will provide further funding to support the most promising Phase 1 projects to demonstrate their projects.

Greg Hands, Minister of Energy and Climate Change, said, “This innovative technology offers incredible potential for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, crucial to reaching our net zero goals.

“This government funding will help support the development of this new technology in the UK, boosting green jobs and investment while slashing carbon emissions.”


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