UK Government taking hydrogen technology “very seriously”

UK Government taking hydrogen technology “very seriously”

The UK Government is taking hydrogen technology “very seriously”, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma, confirmed yesterday (5th Oct) at the Conservative Party Conference.

“We see hydrogen as a really important part of the mix. We need to make sure that we’ve got the strategy right, we’ve got a strategy that’s developed together with business and industry and we will put that out and act on it,” Sharma said at iNHouse Communications’ virtual lounge at this years’ conference.

“This is a technology we are taking very seriously.”

“If you look at the money the government has put in when it comes to hydrogen…that should give confidence to the hydrogen industry folk that this is a technology that we are taking very seriously.”

Sharma was asked how ready ministers are to embrace the likes of hydrogen and if the government will back UK companies “shovel-ready costed” hydrogen plans.

“In terms of backing the plans, I talked about the funding that’s been made available for hydrogen projects [and] I talked about this low carbon hydrogen supply competition as an example,” he replied.

“That was in two phases and the second phase we’ve then been supporting five projects.

“We are putting funding behind this technology and I hope what we will see as a result of the work that’s being done by the Hydrogen Council and the hydrogen strategy that we can all unite behind.

“I hope what that will then demonstrate is a further roadmap to making sure that we’re pushing forward on hydrogen.”

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