Uruguayan hydrogen prospects to be boosted by H2U project
Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining

Uruguayan hydrogen prospects to be boosted by H2U project

The Uruguayan Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) has shared details about the H2U initiative that is aiming to develop a green hydrogen pilot project in the region.

Led by MIEM, ANCAP and UTE, the H2U project focuses on a plan to use green hydrogen for heavy transport to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels within the industrial sector of the region.

It is also suggested that the green hydrogen could be used to fuel buses as well.

Although the model of the project implies that interested companies must install its own plants, there is also the possibility to utilise ANCAP facilities in the Capurro neighbourhood allowing for access to existing infrastructure.

The companies interested in this undertaking will be able to dialogue directly with the technicians in charge and exchange associated ideas so that Uruguay can position itself as a supplier and exporter of green hydrogen and derivatives.

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The pilot project, although centred around supplying green hydrogen to trucks and buses, will also be capable of broadening its production methods to create green fertilisers and the production of green ammonia to be utilised as zero-emission fuel for shipping.

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Since 2018, an inter-institutional group made up of MIEM, ANCAP and UTE has been analysing how to develop green hydrogen in Uruguay.

Within this framework, pre-feasibility studies have been carried out for the pilot project.

To boost the pilot project, technical teams from MIEM, ANCAP and UTE held 36 meetings with companies and institutions from 16 countries as part of a data room process.

It is said that the results of the data room process perceived special interest from important players within the energy sector and hydrogen allowing for the initiative to lay the necessary foundations to move onto the next stage of the project.

Omar Paganini, the Uruguayan Minister of Industry, said, “We are embarking on developing a green hydrogen roadmap in Uruguay, a roadmap that is complemented by other initiatives that are part of energy policy, such as promoting sustainable mobility, the circular economy, smart grids for the management of electricity demand.

“In short, a comprehensive energy policy that has to be articulated with a national development policy.”

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