US DOE establishes the ‘Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations’ with hydrogen key in the office’s developments

US DOE establishes the ‘Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations’ with hydrogen key in the office’s developments

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has established a new office that will be dedicated to progressing clean energy demonstrations with hydrogen set to feature as a key aspect of the new branch.

Dubbed the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, the office will accelerate clean energy projects to support President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which has provided $20bn for the office’s establishment, with hydrogen will be a key aspect of this office.

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With this establishment, it is expected that hydrogen projects could become further supported with more pioneering projects being established to help build the US hydrogen economy to one of the most diverse in the world.

This could see the US become a hotspot for all hydrogen technologies and see the nation transform into a powerhouse for global hydrogen activities.

Demonstration projects prove the effectiveness of innovative technologies in real-world conditions at scale in order to pave the way towards widespread adoption and deployment.

The founding of this office represents a new chapter that builds on DOE’s long-standing position as the premier international driver for clean energy research and development, expanding DOE’s scope to fill a critical innovation gap on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy for the US Department of Energy, said, “Thanks to the investments Congress made in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations will move clean energy technologies out of the lab and into local and regional economies across the country, proving the value of technologies that can deliver for communities, businesses, and markets.

“This new office will hire the best and brightest talent to invest in cutting edge clean energy projects, and DOE is calling on anyone dedicated to addressing the climate crisis to roll up their sleeves and join us.”

Mitch Landrieu, White House Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator, said, “This new Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations reflects President Biden’s commitment to help Americans turn on the lights in their homes, drive to work, and power their businesses using clean, affordable, and sustainable energy.

“This office will make life easier and safer for Americans all across the country.”

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