US Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit

US Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit

With the world’s gaze focusing more and more on reducing emissions and the incredible advancements in hydrogen taking place, the time is now to explore this growing industry; the latest innovations, the state of investment and the upcoming economic opportunities.

Against this backdrop, ACI will hold the US Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit in Boston in July, bringing together key industry stakeholders from all corners of the hydrogen industry.

The two-day event, held on 15th-16th July, will give attendees insight to the latest regulation impacting on global transition in energy trends and the required economical and infrastructural innovations for a sustainable energy carrier.

In a statement, ACI said, “We remain hopeful it will be possible to convene on these dates and will be monitoring the [coronavirus] situation closely, heeding the latest advice of relevant authorities the very best we can to ensure we protect the health and safety of our attendees and provide the highest quality event possible.”

The US Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit invites experts and senior executives across the whole hydrogen and fuel cells industry value chain interested in meeting potential partners, creating business opportunities and gaining knowledge on the latest advancements to aid growth in markets.

Representatives from hydrogen producers and suppliers, fuel cell companies, automotive OEMs, hydrogen storage companies, technology providers, component manufacturers & industrial end-users, financial stakeholders and investors, service providers, government officials & regulators, sustainability mobility technology providers and others will come to discuss perspectives and market opportunities for the hydrogen and fuel cells market.

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