Viritech: Hydrogen hypercar in development in the UK

Viritech: Hydrogen hypercar in development in the UK

British-based technology company Viritech is developing a hydrogen hypercar, dubbed Apricale™, that will harness hydrogen energy density to deliver on performance.

The Apricale™ hypercar is said to weigh just half the weight of its battery competitors and is the perfect platform to develop a hydrogen powertrain and related technologies.

The construction of this hypercar is set for MIRA technology park in Nuneaton, UK, and is regarded as Viritech’s start point for a cleantech revolution that is based on zero emissions hydrogen powertrain development that will extend into HGV solutions.

The company will use the car to showcase its hydrogen powertrain solutions to then expand production across multiple industry sectors including marine, aerospace and power generation.

Following development and testing at MIRA, the hypercar will go into limited production at the beginning of 2023 with just 25 cars produced to ensure a rarity value.

This will look to support Viritech’s business model of licensing advanced technologies to global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Timothy Lyons, CEO and Founder of Viritech, said, “Becoming a member of the HORIBA MIRA community is a game-changer for Viritech, moving us immediately into the big-league in terms of the engineering facilities and support, meaning no engineering project is now beyond us.

“The hydrogen revolution will complement mobility electrification and will account for 400 million cars, 20 million trucks and five million buses – that revolution starts here.”

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