W.A. De Vigier Award recognises EH Group Engineering

W.A. De Vigier Award recognises EH Group Engineering

EH Group Engineering, a Switzerland-based company focused on the design, development and production of fuel cell technologies, has been named as one of five winners for the W.A. De Vigier Award for its innovate fuel cell technology for clean energy.

The annual award to is aimed to support the best start-ups in Switzerland that show potential to build the economy in a sustainable and resilient way. As a winner of the price, EH Group Engineering received a CHF 100,000 (€93,000) prize.

“Despite the challenges we are facing with Covid-19, a much greater one lies ahead with climate change. Our team is driving forward to deploy our innovative fuel cell technology for the imperative of a decarbonised future,” said Mardit Matian, Founder of EH Group.

“We are very grateful for the recognition awarded by the De Vigier Foundation and look forward to collaborating with its network of partners.”

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