Xebec acquires UECompression to increase hydrogen unit capacity five-fold in North America

Xebec acquires UECompression to increase hydrogen unit capacity five-fold in North America

Xebec Adsorption will expand the production capacity of its containerised Hy.GEN hydrogen production units in North America five-fold with the acquisition of UECompression (UEC).

It is expected the acquisition will enable the company to expand its capabilities in North America to successfully supply the rising demand for hydrogen technologies and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

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UEC provides Xebec with a cost-effective and timely pathway towards expanding the company’s production capacity five-fold whilst also optimising the North American energy transition by bringing European hydrogen generation products to the US.

As well as this, the new capacity from UEC adds to recent capacity increases in Xebec’s Canadian manufacturing facility.

Xebec can now provide its hydrogen products to a further six states including: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Kurt Sorschak, Chairman, President and CEO of Xebec Adsorption, said, “UEC helps Xebec solidify its position as a leading renewable gas player by adding a 100,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility in the US.

“With this acquisition, we are responding to the accelerating energy transition and the associated interest in containerised RNG and hydrogen systems.

“Furthermore, UEC’s existing compression expertise in hydrogen will become increasingly relevant as the hydrogen economy develops. The acquisition will also help us in fully complying with current and evolving needs for local sourcing.”

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