Hydrogen-Africa Conference & Expo

The Hydrogen-Africa Conference & Expo is a highly anticipated event that seeks to promote green hydrogen investment opportunities in Africa. Following successful lead-up Investment Forums in London and Paris, the conference aims to bring together industry leaders, investors, and policymakers to discuss and explore the potential of green hydrogen in Africa.

The conference covers various topics related to green hydrogen investment, including the current stateand potential of the African green hydrogen market, investment opportunities and challenges, and regulatory frameworks. Participants share knowledge and experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on investment projects. The conference also provides a platform for investors to meet with African hydrogen companies and learn about their investment plans and opportunities.

The Hydrogen-Africa Conference & Expo is a critical event for anyone interested in investing in the African green hydrogen market. The conference aims to create an enabling environment for green hydrogen investment and stimulate innovation and development in the sector. The conference is a significant step towards a sustainable and low-carbon future for Africa.

Johannesburg, South Africa
27-29th September 2023
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