The 1895 Podcast

The 1895 Podcast is a new addition to gasworld Global Insights (GWGI), aiming to bring insights, news, and interviews for the industrial gases and energy sectors in a laid-back and conversational manner.

In this episode of The 1895 Podcast, Tony Cochrane, Chief Commercial Officer at Ceres Power, discusses various aspects of green hydrogen and decarbonisation. The conversation covers Ceres’ role in the green hydrogen value chain, opportunities for decarbonising heavy industry, factors influencing investment decisions, adoption of electrolyser technologies, progress and partnerships at Ceres, and more!

In this episode of The 1895 Podcast, we discuss hydrogen – and question if the molecule is being hijacked by big energy companies. H2 View Editor, Charlie Currie, also joins the conversation once again, this time taking a look at the state of play in hydrogen in 2024.

In this episode, the 1895 team reflect on the outcomes of COP28 and the challenges and opportunities in the hydrogen industry. The episode concludes with an interview with H2 View Editor Charlie Currie, who shares insights on the hydrogen industry and the outlook for 2024.

Purple is the New Green

Diving into everything there is to know about renewable hydrogen, this is Purple is the New Green – a Nel Hydrogen podcast, co-hosted together with H2 View (2020-21).

Join co-hosts Leila Asdal Danielsen (Nel ASA) and Rob Cockerill (H2 View) as they talk about hydrogen: the energy carrier of the future, already available today.

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