Study: How Hydrogen Empowers the Energy Transition

Study: How Hydrogen Empowers the Energy Transition

There is increasing conviction in the contribution that hydrogen solutions can have in the energy transition. Increasing numbers believe hydrogen and fuel cell technologies have significant potential to enable this transition to a clean, low-carbon energy system. Here, a Hydrogen Council study explores How Hydrogen Empowers the Energy Transition.

Foremost among these is the Hydrogen Council, a partnership formed to underpin and leverage the enabling role of hydrogen. Launched in January 2017 but now comprised of 60 members and counting, the Council brings together various industry and energy sectors – with global reach – and is committed to providing guidance to accelerate and expand the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell solutions around the world.

This 2017 study from the Hydrogen Council explores the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, including its potential, recent achievements, and challenges to its deployment. It also offers recommendations to ensure that the proper conditions are developed to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen technologies, with the support of policymakers, the private sector, and society.

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