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H2 View is the leading global hydrogen publication. Through our website, print and digital magazines, webinars, newsletters and events, we are the go-to source for hydrogen energy news, views and information.

Providing a balanced and impartial viewpoint about what’s going on in the hydrogen sector, the H2 View team is backed up by an Editorial Advisory Board of key stakeholders in the hydrogen value chain, including two representatives from the Hydrogen Council.

From fuel cells to electrolysers, policy to rollout, and everything in between, stay up to date with H2 View.

Rob Cockerill

Managing Editor
Tel. +44 1872 225031

Thomas Dee

Broadcast Journalist
Tel. +44 1872 225031

Molly Burgess

News Journalist
Tel. +44 1872 225031

Ron Leitch

Advertising Manager
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Jon Smith

Display Sales Executive
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Leanne Zahra

Display Sales Executive
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Jordan Pooley

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Alan Brookland

Subscriptions Manager
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Catherine Shaw

Events Operations Manager
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Ellen Moppett

Delegate Sales Executive
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Editorial Advisory Board

A wider Editorial Advisory Board of subject matter experts and key stakeholders in the hydrogen industry also help to steer and contribute to H2 View’s content.

This includes two members of the Hydrogen Council, which shares the vision for greater narrative around hydrogen’s role in the energy transition and is committed to supporting H2 View with regular columnist contributions and editorial guidance.

Sam French

Business Development Director
Johnson Matthey, and Hydrogen Council representative

Coralie Gazzeri

Engagement & Communication Director
Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy World Business Line, and Hydrogen Council representative

Ravin Mirchandani

Mack Valves

Claire Johnson

Managing Director, Hydrolytics
HYZON Motors

Keith Malone

Public Affairs
California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)

Ian Williamson

European Hydrogen Association

Dr. David Hart

Director and Sector Leader for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

Stephen B. Harrison

Managing Director
sbh4 GmbH

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