$1bn for alternative fuelling infrastructure in the US

$1bn for alternative fuelling infrastructure in the US

America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act 2019 has been released and highlights a $1bn grant for alternative fuelling infrastructure such as hydrogen refuelling facilities.

The bill establishes the competitive grant programme funded at $1bn over five years, for states and localities to build fuelling infrastructure for alternative fuels such as hydrogen, natural gas and electric.

“America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act will grow our economy, improve road safety, expedite important projects, and enhance quality of life for American people,” said Senator John Barrasso.

“America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act will ensure that every community reaps the benefits of strong federal investment, with safer roads, cleaner air, greater mobility and more connectivity,” said Senator Tom Carper.

“After several months of serious bipartisan negotiation, I am so proud of the final surface transportation bill we considered today and even more proud of the incredible bipartisan support it received,” said Senator Shelley Moore Capito.

Altogether the bill authorises $287bn over five years. The total represents an increase of over 27% from FAST Act levels. The legislation includes provisions to improve road safety, streamline project deliver, protect the environment and grow the economy.

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