20MW hydrogen production plant development underway in Finland
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20MW hydrogen production plant development underway in Finland

Plans have been unveiled for a 20MW hydrogen production plant which will produce green hydrogen with electricity produced from renewable energy in Finland – and it’s thought to be a first for the country.

The development will be carried out by green hydrogen producer Hitachi ABB Power Grids and power-to-x technology expert P2X Solutions.  The collaboration was confirmed on Wednesday (14th April).

Under the agreement, Hitachi ABB Power Grids will be a partner of P2X Solutions in the design, implementation and commissioning of the electrification of the hydrogen production plant.

Hitachi ABB Power Grids is responsible for electrical system solutions from power grid to electrolysis equipment, including substation, medium voltage distribution, main, distribution and rectifier transformers, rectifiers, power quality optimisation systems and the necessary control and protection systems.

Plant developments are currently underway, and the project is expected to be commissioned in 2024.

“It is great to become a partner in such an important Finnish pioneering project to promote Finland’s and the world’s journey towards an emission-free electronic future,” said Matti Vaattovaara, CEO of Hitachi ABB Power Grids.

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“Electricity is a key factor in the production of green hydrogen, and a cost-effective and high-efficiency electrification solution is key to competitive hydrogen production on an industrial scale.”

“The ongoing global energy revolution requires the introduction of new technology and world-class know-how. Finnish industry has all the prerequisites to be a pioneer in a greener electronic future, of which this project is an excellent example.”

Once the first production plant has been demonstrated, P2X’s goal is to promote the Finnish hydrogen economy with more production plants and possibly replicate the project across Europe as well.

“The partnership agreement with Hitachi ABB Power Grids is an important step in the development of the hydrogen production plant. The contract is also significant in relation to the total value of the investment,” said Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions.

“This is a great example of how individual hydrogen projects contribute to the emergence of the hydrogen market and create competitiveness for Finnish industry on the road to a zero-emission future and an international hydrogen economy.”

Power-to-Gas technologies 

Want to read more about power-to-gas technologies and how they can support the hydrogen economy?

In this feature, Joanna Sampson, H2 View’s Editor, unveils all.

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The usage of renewable energy sources wind and solar photovoltaics have grown increasingly in recent years and become vital to support global carbon footprint reduction goals. But the wind isn’t always blowing, and the sun isn’t always shining, which creates a grid stabilisation issue as well as the need for large scale energy storage. An innovative energy solution that can be used to match unpredictable supply and demand is Power-to-Gas (P2G).

The hybrid solution integrates renewable generation by converting surplus renewable energy into hydrogen using electrolysis. The hydrogen produced can be used to power cars, buses and trains, or it can be injected into the existing natural gas network for use at a later date.

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