$5m grant issued to integrate fuel cell technology in Nikola’s Reckless OHV

$5m grant issued to integrate fuel cell technology in Nikola’s Reckless OHV

The National Centre for Manufacturing Science has awarded a team from Nikola Powersports and Pratt & Miller Engineering a $5m grant to integrate a hydrogen fuel cell into the Nikola Reckless electric vehicle.

Nikola will receive $1m of the $5m grant and will work directly with the project partners to allocate the remaining funds.

“For the first time this allows Nikola, in collaboration with Pratt & Miller Engineering, the opportunity to integrate hydrogen fuel cell technology in an electric off-road vehicle,” said Andrew Christian, Nikola’s Vice-President of Defence for Nikola Powersports.

“This is truly a ground-breaking effort in quest to have a zero emission future.”

The Reckless OHV (off highway vehicle) is completely electric and can go from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just over three seconds.

“We are excited to be leading the programme as well as what will surely be the complex system development and integration portion of the project,” said Matt Carroll, Pratt & Miller CEO.

“Using Nikola Reckless OHV to serve as the base platform for fuel cell integration is a real advantage for us because Pratt & Miller developed and built the initial prototypes for Nikola.”

The application of fuel cells in off-road vehicles will help advance fuel cell and hydrogen storage reliability, durability and overall ruggedness.

The research project will begin immediately and will run for 32 weeks.

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