AFC Energy delivers power from 200kW hydrogen generator

AFC Energy has delivered its highest power rated 200kW hydrogen generator to date, designed and developed in collaboration with ABB e-Mobility.

Utilising the latest generation S+ Series liquid cooled fuel cell technology, the H-Power Generator “unlocks peak system efficiency” and has one of the lowest hydrogen fuel consumptions of any fuel cell generator in its power class.

The platform can offer modularised 100kW to 500kW power ranges, complementing the existing S Series Generator platform offering 10kW to 50kW systems.

The solution will now undergo in-house operational testing in preparation for the Attestation of Conformity and CE marking certification process later this year.

“This is a significant milestone for AFC Energy reflecting two years of accelerated technology development and engineering works culminating in this successful first operation,” said Adam Bond, Chief Executive of AFC Energy.

“We continue to progress our drive to offer a commercially and technically viable alternative off-grid power solution to diesel and we are now positioned to access higher power class opportunities not previously available with the S Series generator.”

Last year, AFC Energy and Speedy Hire launched a dedicated hydrogen generator plant hire business to provide the UK construction and temporary power sector with zero-emission solutions.

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