AFC Energy launches new technology

AFC Energy launches new technology

AFC Energy has today launched a hydrogen power generator which the company says can replace polluting diesel generators and eliminate damaging emissions.

The hydrogen power generators will be used on locations such as construction sites and datacentres where diesel generation are currently used to provide local power.

The new technology uses an alkaline fuel cell technology that has been developed at AFC Energy’s research facility in Surrey.

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The new system was unveiled today at a construction industry event in the Lake District to an audience of the leading construction and plant hire companies in the UK.

“Generators in London, used on over 5,000 building sites in the capital, currently cause more than 14.5% of the most dangerous form of diesel particulate,” explained Adam Bond, CEO of AFC Energy.

“Hydrogen power replaces polluting diesel gensets with a clean sustainable generating system than be used on construction sites and for off-grid services with no air, atmosphere or noise pollution.”

The modular fuel cell system can be scaled from 20kW to over 1MW to fit with typical power requirements of construction machinery and datacentre usage.

The hydrogen power generator is fuelled by hydrogen and produces only water vapour as an emission.  It is also possible to uses ammonia as a feedstock and apply a cracker to produce hydrogen on demand to fuel the generator.

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