AFC Energy unveils new product lines

AFC Energy unveils new product lines

Industrial fuel cell power company AFC Energy has today unveiled four brands of its inaugural range of product lines.

The UK company’s alkaline fuel cell technology has become synonymous with low cost, high efficiency and fuel tolerant hydrogen power generators following a redesign and development programme instigated three years ago.

AFC Energy said it’s now only right that the technology underpinning the company’s core identity be afforded its own brand as a key component of the company’s phased go to market strategy.

Alkaline fuel cells are distinguished from other fuel cell technologies in the manner by which hydroxyl group ions migrate from cathode to anode.

It is at the anode where the hydrogen reacts with the hydroxyl group ions, releasing electrons, and which gives AFC Energy its high fuel efficiency and tolerance to lower grades of hydrogen.

The HydroX-Cell series of fuel cells draws its name from this unique reaction, whilst the distinguishing feature between technologies rests in the liquid and solid electrolytes used to conduct ions from cathode to anode.

The AlkaMemTM polymer membrane developed by AFC Energy for inclusion in the Hydrox-Cell(S)TM fuel cell has been afforded its own branding due to the multiple applications in which it can be used outside of the fuel cell field.

Adam Bond, CEO of AFC Energy, said, “The culmination of the past three years work has led us to a clear tri-pillar approach to the branding of our core technologies within the H-Power suite of products.”

“With a clear focus on our customer value proposition, we believe that these three core technologies, utilised within applications such as the company’s hydrogen fuelled EV charger to be released next month, will deliver a zero emission, low cost and high performing technology platform capable of competing favourably with PEM and SOFC fuel cell systems in the market today.”

The four brands are:

  • HydroX-Cell(L)TM – zero emission, high efficiency and low-cost alkaline fuel cell utilising a liquid electrolyte configured in 10kW modules, capable of deployment across large scale industrial applications utilising lower grades of hydrogen.
  • HydroX-Cell(S)TM – zero emission, high efficiency, high current density alkaline fuel cell utilising an anionic exchange membrane configured in 10kW modules capable of deployment across a range of both stationary and mobile applications, again, capable of utilising lower grades of hydrogen.
  • H-PowerTM – the new range of Hydrogen Power systems, including the soon to be released hydrogen fuelled off-grid EV charger, utilising the HydroX-Cell portfolio of fuel cell module configurations.
  • AlkaMemTM – the new range of anionic exchange polymer membranes developed for the HydroX-Cell(S) fuel cell application but with universal application across a range of additional applications including alkaline water electrolysis, fuel synthesis and energy storage.

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