Aris Energy receives DOE award to advance fuel cell deployment

Aris Energy receives DOE award to advance fuel cell deployment

Aris Energy Solutions has received a $2.66m award for the US Department of Energy to advance its modular fuel cells.

The three-year award is for the renewable energy company’s proposal, titled Modular Fuel Cells Providing Resiliency to Data Centres and Other Critical Power Users.

On Friday last week, Aris celebrated the award with its programme partners – the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), West Virginia University, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Gaia Energy Research Institute, and Velocity Data Centres.

Steve Almeida, Aris’ Director of Fuel Cells and CHP, said, “We are grateful for this opportunity with the DOE, our partners, FCHEA and SOLIDpower to bring a Resilient fuel cell-based energy solution to the markets.”

“Our scalable solution will increase energy efficiency, enhance electrification, minimise downtime – ensuring resiliency, while decarbonising data centre operations.”

“In a present/post covid world, critical power is where we need it most, in our homes and businesses. Hence, small capacity fuel cells will prove a preferred medium transitioning towards a hydrogen economy, as we will also demonstrate functionality via hydrogen/natural gas blend.”

Aris is currently installing early units in the US. Near term targeted markets include small/distributed data centres and other critical power users.

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