© Asahi Kasei
© Asahi Kasei

Asahi’s multi-module hydrogen production project begins operation

Asahi Kasei has begun operation of a multi-module hydrogen pilot plant in Japan ahead of commercialisation of a 100MW alkaline electrolysis system in 2025.

Located in Kawasaki, the trial operation has seen four 0.8MW Aqualyzer™ modules put in use under realistic conditions, simulating fluctuating power input from solar or wind power. The resulting data will optimise the equipment design, operation methods and control technology of the electrolysis system.

With a multi-module approach, Asahi wants to combine up to 10 modules with a capacity of 10MW each to enable commercial, large-scale electrolysis systems with a capacity of up to 100MW.

The construction and operation of the pilot plant has been supported by the Green Innovation Fund, as part of Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO).

“The pilot facility is milestone not only for Asahi Kasei, but also for the global hydrogen business in general,” explained Masami Takenaka, Lead Executive Officer at Asahi Kasei.

“We believe that successfully operating our equipment in this test facility will be a door opener for commercial, large-scale multi-module alkaline electrolysers and eventually the realisation of a hydrogen society.”

The initial plans for the pilot project were announced in 2022, after the Japanese company stated it would install its electrolysers at its Kawasaki Works for start of operation in early 2024.

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