Atura Power to explore hydrogen production and regional hubs in Ontario

Atura Power to explore hydrogen production and regional hubs in Ontario

Ontario Power Generation’s subsidiary, Atura Power, is currently laying the groundwork for low-carbon hydrogen production in addition to the creation of regional hubs in Ontario.

This will be achieved by partnering with Hatch, a global engineering, project management and professional services firm, on a feasibility study for several hydrogen demonstration projects.

The development of a hydrogen economy using Ontario’s vast clean electricity will help the region meet climate change goals however hinges on creating the hydrogen hubs to co-locate hydrogen producers, infrastructure and users.

This study will look at the feasibility of demonstration projects that will help to progress hydrogen hubs at a variety of locations in Ontario anchored around electricity assets.

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Low-carbon hydrogen has the potential to reduce or offset emissions in a variety of applications.

This includes to power fuel cells in vehicles which could help replace diesel engines in the heavy-duty and long-haul trucking industry.

In addition to this, low-carbon hydrogen be used as an energy substitute for high-emitting industrial applications such as steel and cement making.

It can be used by blending hydrogen with natural gas to reduce carbon impact.

Atura power will have ownership for the development of this new hydrogen-related business to progress the clan fuel solution from concept to practicality in everyday use.

Chris Fralick, President of Atura Power, said, “Through the production of hydrogen, we will assist in the reduction of greenhouse gases, while supporting the development and adoption of a key clean-energy source in our path to an economy wide net-zero emissions future.”

John Bianchini, Chairman and CEO of Hatch, said, “We believe that hydrogen will play an important role in transitioning away from fossil fuels, and Ontario is a logical place to develop this technology.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Atura Power in this endeavour and will apply our unique experience and expertise in hydrogen to help OPG reach their significant and commendable climate goal of zero emissions by 2040.”

How Linde is scaling up to serve the growing hydrogen mobility market in North America

Linde is currently in the process of retrofitting its Ontario, California plant to produce green hydrogen to fuel the US state’s mobility market. Targeting the second quarter of 2021 for full commercialisation, the facility will manufacture green hydrogen using renewable methane, in addition to producing conventional hydrogen.

With this investment, the US-German industrial gas giant will be able to initially produce 2.6 metric tons of green hydrogen per day – enough to fuel up to 1,600 vehicles a day – helping to avoid up to 50,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. As demand for green hydrogen grows, Linde plans to expand its capacity accordingly, and revealed to H2 View that the US mobility market is a big focus for the company.

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