Australian Government provides $7m for the Hycel Technology Hub to boost regional hydrogen expertise
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Australian Government provides $7m for the Hycel Technology Hub to boost regional hydrogen expertise

Hycel has revealed today (July 8) that it has received A$7m ($5.2m) from the Federal Government’s Strategic University Reform Fund (SURF) to boost hydrogen expertise in south-west Victoria, Australia.

The funding will support Deakin University in developing its new Hycel Technology Hub that will feature a fuel cell wing and training facilities for hydrogen application technologies.

This will boost Deakin University’s hydrogen technology applications and support new innovative developments in the fuel cell and hydrogen sector.

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The fuel cell wing will feature specialised fuel cell assembly and testing equipment, plumbed with hydrogen allowing an innovative space to support small and medium sized enterprise (SME) development and training facilities.

Construction of the facility is scheduled to begin at Deakin’s Warrnambool campus in December 2021 with target completion in December 2022.

Minister Tehan MP, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, said, “The Hub will feature Australia’s first large fuel cell manufacturing line, which will also test fuel cells for heavy vehicles and industry.

“The facility will also allow testing of existing fuel cells right here in Victoria rather than sending them overseas to Canada or Germany.

“This will save both energy and time – we anticipate that testing in Victoria will cut waiting periods by two to three years.

“By driving market readiness in transport and gas industries, Hycel’s hydrogen technologies support Australia’s economic goal of ‘H2 under $2’.”

“On a local level, it is estimated that the Hub will create 210 full-time regional and sector jobs – including jobs in fuel cell manufacturing and pilots – across the region over the next ten years.

“The Hub will become one of Australia’s first training facilities that will ready Australians for a hydrogen-powered future, and I’m thrilled that it’ll be located right here in Warrnambool.”

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Want to hear more about Deakin University’s hydrogen ambitions? In the upcoming August issue of H2 View magazine, Joanna Sampson, H2 View’s Editor, speaks to Dr. Adrian Panow about Hycel, the ground-breaking hydrogen research centre, paving the way for Australia’s clean energy future.

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