Australian Vanadium unveils green hydrogen strategy

Australian Vanadium unveils green hydrogen strategy

Australian Vanadium has today (12th Nov) unveiled a raft of green hydrogen objectives including powering its minesite and haulage vehicles with the renewable energy.

Other plans in the company’s Green Hydrogen Strategy include using hydrogen in the ore reduction process, introducing hydrogen into the natural gas pipeline and using hydrogen ammonia byproduct material in vanadium processing.

“The use of green hydrogen could allow Australian Vanadium to reduce its carbon footprint and leverage both the economical and environmental benefits of this growing market,” said Australian Vanadium Managing Director, Vincent Algar.

“The green steel opportunity is one that Western Australia should particularly embrace, with the potential for many jobs to be created and a globally competitive steel industry.

“This strategy can assist with environmental approvals and in attracting finance partners with an environmental, social and corporate governance focus, for Australian Vanadium to bring the Australian Vanadium Project into production.”

Strategy in detail

A resource company focused on vanadium, Australian Vanadium’s strategy is to incorporate hydrogen into its project in the following areas:

  • Introducing a percentage of green hydrogen into the natural gas feed for the processing plant in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. Australian Vanadium said this will be analysed fully in the company’s bankable feasibility study.
  • Offtake of ammonia from green hydrogen production for use in the final vanadium precipitation step of processing.
  • Powering minesite or haulage vehicles to move material from the minesite to the processing plant with green hydrogen. Hydrogen generation could be undertaken at the minesite and at the processing plant for refuelling. Australian Vanadium said it is keen to work with the federal and state governments and haulage companies who have a forward plan for this technology.
  • The use of green hydrogen for steel production in the ore reduction step. Australian Vanadium said it is seeking partnerships with companies interested in this area as it would be a noble and efficient use for the Fe-Ti coproduct that the company plans to produce.
  • Through Australian Vanadium’s 100% owned subsidiary, VSUN Energy, integrating hydrogen electrolysers in plant design, combined with energy storage utilising vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technology.

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