Babcock & Wilcox signs exclusive global agreement for innovative hydrogen production process

Babcock & Wilcox signs exclusive global agreement for innovative hydrogen production process

Babcock and Wilcox (B&W) has signed a new exclusive global licensing agreement with Ohio State Innovation Foundation for a chemical looping process and particle that can be used to produce hydrogen.

Using an innovative BrightLoop technology, the process uses a versatile, abundant oxide particle which can be used to produce hydrogen.

Produced through joint research with the Ohio State University, the particle can additionally be used to create various other low-carbon fuels such as petroleum coke, coal and others.

Brandy Johnson, Vice-President Global Engineering at Babcok and Wilcox, said, “B&W’s BrightLoop process is a game-changing solution for clean energy production with near zero carbon emissions.

“The research conducted by Ohio State and B&W has demonstrated not only the effectiveness of the technology to efficiently separate carbon while producing hydrogen, steam and/or syngas but also how it is fully scalable, adaptable and economically feasible for large and small installations.

“BrightLoop technology is an ideal solution for hydrogen producers, petrochemical facilities, oil & gas producers, utilities, manufacturers or other industrial companies that want to generate clean hydrogen, syngas and energy with near-zero carbon emissions.

“We’re currently in discussions with customers about opportunities for using this technology in their operations, and we are eager to look for additional opportunities to scale up this breakthrough technology for commercial use.

“We also look forward to further developing complementary technologies through our continuing collaboration with Ohio State.

“They have been ideal partners throughout the research and development process and we look forward to continuing to work closely together as we bring BrightLoop technology to B&W’s customers.”

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